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Loretta Rowley

Loretta Rowley

Regardless of where you are in your educational journey (or where you are on campus), my job as a Student Success Coach is to support you as you work to complete your degree, to help you explore, set, and achieve your goals, and to ensure that have the tools to be successful in whatever ways you define and measure success!
As a student, I’ve had my own twists and turns in my educational journey, and my experiences have taught me that there is no singular, “right way” to chart a path through higher education. I started out at my local community college and then transferred to the University of California-Santa Barbara, where it was challenging to adjust to upper-division science classes, a new university environment, and the fast-paced quarter system. I made it to graduation, and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology with no clue what to do next. I moved home, did some soul-searching, and eventually came to the realization that I had always been passionate about working in teaching and coaching roles. Having previously worked as a math tutor, a swim lesson instructor, synchronized swimming coach, and eventually a speech coach for intercollegiate speech and debate, this epiphany probably shouldn’t have taken as long as it did…but then again, better late than never, right? I veered away from my misinformed aspirations for a career in the medical field and started on a new adventure, pursuing my M.A. in Communication at Cal. State Long Beach, where I gained further experience coaching competitive speech and teaching college courses in communication. In 2014 I moved to Salt Lake City to pursue my PhD in Communication at the U. In my time as a student and employee at the U, I’ve enjoyed learning about all the amazing campus resources and getting to know the awesome folks who make up our campus community—and I love being able to help you make those connections as well!
Even though I miss the ocean, and all my family and friends back in California, I really enjoy calling Salt Lake City home. The seasonal changes and beautiful landscapes always seem to make my day a little bit better (especially views of the mountains and particularly puffy clouds). I also enjoy snow skiing, knitting and general arts-and-crafting, thrift-store shopping, vacationing with my family in Idaho, making myself and others laugh, and finding joy in the little moments.

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Last Updated: 9/20/23