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How (and why) to connect a student to an SSC

Student Success Coaches (SSC) believe that every student deserves a rich and meaningful experience at the University of Utah. We work closely with undergraduate students to explore and clarify interests and goals, overcome personal and academic challenges, and connect with campus resources and opportunities.

If a student is in crisis and for issues of behavioral or sexual misconduct, including if a student has disclosed sexual assault or interpersonal violence, visit this page:


  • The student could use some extra support.
  • The student is struggling academically or in some other way.
  • The student would benefit from exploring opportunities to enrich their college experience such as research, internships, learning abroad, student clubs, etc.
  • The student has questions pertaining to their college experience that you do not have time to assist them with.
  • You are concerned about the student’s ability to manage a difficult situation.

  • Direct the student to Navigate U to choose a time and location that works best for them. 
  • Direct the student to Meet Your Student Success Coaches to learn about our team and contact an SSC of their choice by text, call, or email. 
  • Direct the student to Contact Us to complete the form and either choose a specific SSC or not.
Last Updated: 11/29/23